Exploits Valley Intermediate

Parent SchoolMessenger Accounts/App

Message from SchoolMessenger Administrator:

Parents can visit go.schoolmessenger.ca or they can download the school messenger parent App to their smartphone (blue in colour in the App store). When they create their account they need to use the email address that you have in the Parent 1 or 2 email field in Powerschool. Once they have everything setup they can go into preferences and manage how they want to receive messages. Messages and notifications are also sent directly to the App. Below are screenshots of what they should see from both the Web Portal and App (IOS view, Android should be similar).

Web Portal View:

App View

Busing Schedule 2018-19

There are two changes in the busing schedule. Changes affect both bus run 14 and bus run 17. These changes are outlined below. Please disregard the the bus routes for bus run 14 and 17 in the main document. When a new copy of the bus routes are provide, they will be uploaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please disregard bus runs 14 and 17 below.