Gotcha Givers!


PBIS is a special project that defines what positive behaviors EVI expects from our students and rewards students for displaying these behaviors. When a teacher sees a student being positive he/she presents that student with a “Gotcha”. This little slip of paper has both the student’s and teacher’s name on it. This slip is then placed in a bin for a weekly draw and later for the monthly draw. Prizes are awarded to the students whose name is drawn.

The philosophy is to reward good behavior so we award prizes to students to encourage them to continue being young responsible citizens. Each Friday we have our “PBS Weekly Draw” whereby one student in grade 7, 8 and 9 will win a t-shirt with the “EVI Gotcha” logo on it. The t-shirt is provided by the school. As well, at the end of each month, we will reward at least 8 students in each grade with prizes.

Below is a list of the businesses who have supported our program by supplying the prizes we award. We are very grateful for their continued support. It is only through their generous support that our Gotcha program is possible.

2017-18 Supporters

ACT Sales & Towing Service

A & W

Buck or Two

Central Auto Glass & Signs

Central Hydraulics

Central Pharmacy

Coca Cola

Decker's Autotech



Gentleman B

Grand Toyota

Grant's Sports Excellence

Greco Pizza

Legrow's Travel


Paint Shop

Stagg Signs

Tim Hortons