Allergy Alerts


We have students who have allergies at our school and this is a reminder of the following food allergies. We would like for all parents to inform their children of the following allergies at our school. Please refrain from bringing the following food items into school. If an allergy is overlooked, please contact the school administration asap. Also, some students are allergic to milk. Please tell your child to refrain from sharing or spilling food as others maybe allergic to it.

Food items to avoid because of allergies:

Peanuts, Tree nuts, Fish (All types including Tuna), Melons (Watermelons, Cantaloupes), Latex, Grapefruit Juice

Our school is scent free. Please refrain from using scented perfumes or cologne when you are coming into the building. There are staff members and students who have allergic reactions to scents. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.